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Hi. Nice to meet you.

I ’m Xuan, the creative copywriter with the name that makes people furrow their brow in bewilderment. (The pronunciation is a cross between ‘shu-ann’ and ‘shwen’ – and don’t worry, I’ve heard just about every variation.)

I love words. And thinking about random stuff. 

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved reading, writing and letting my imagination run wild. And I still can’t believe that I’ve turned those hobbies into a career. Since 2007, I’ve worked in advertising and PR agencies on global brands such as Vodafone, Air New Zealand, GlaxoSmithKline, Procter & Gamble and more, ideating and writing for nearly every medium and specialist sector – from healthcare and employer branding to corporate and consumer. 

 I’ve also had a brief stint in the world of publishing, writing and sub-editing one of New Zealand’s top luxury lifestyle magazines.

The job included coming up with editorial ideas, interviewing people and writing about topics ranging from champagne etiquette and plastic surgery to urban chicken coops – but as someone who loves food, it was the restaurant reviews that I loved working on most.

A few non-work bits about me:

  • I love baking. And I like sharing
  • I have heart-stopping amounts of butter on my toast. Don’t mistake it for cheese
  • I’ve had a cameo on New Zealand’s top soap opera 
  • I’ve also made an appearance on an American reality TV show
  • The misuse of apostrophes really, really irks me