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Westpac Bank 150 Years

A purposeful campaign to celebrate a major bank’s meaningful milestone.

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To celebrate 150 years in New Zealand, Westpac (an Australian/New Zealand bank) launched a programme called Gen W – where they gave 150 babies born in 2011 a head start in life. Each winning baby received $5000 in a junior savings account and financial management advice for 18 years. It was Westpac’s way of helping the next generation of New Zealanders achieve their dreams – whether that’s furthering their education, exploring the world or owning a home. 

It was a purposeful move for a bank. And it deserved an emotional reaction.

I came up with the idea while trying to put myself in these soon-to-be-parents’ shoes. What would they be doing and thinking as they prepared for their child’s arrival? What hopes would they have for their baby?

I thought about the act of knitting baby clothes for your child. How you’d place your hopes and dreams for them in every stitch. 

This resulted in the idea of using knitted baby costumes to illustrate the dreams parents have for their children. From higher education, to wanderlust and stability.